Beams of sunlight shine through in a valley deep in the mountains. The water is blue where the sunlight reflects off the river bottom. ‘A green valley’ Photo by Ryu Uchiyama / Location: Tanabe City (the Yasu-kawa River)

Wakayama, a land of water

Superb views, delicacies, activities, healing and more. Water is the source of them all.

  • #01 See water
  • #02 Made by water
  • #03 Sacred water
  • #04 Get close to water
  • #05 Use water
  • #06 Play in water
  • #07 Nurture water
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The sacred water of Wakayama, where the grandeur of nature has long been worshipped, has a mysterious power.
Travel to a place where water will purify your mind and body.

  • See water

    The pure water that enriches the Kii Peninsula and the superb water scenery created by the distinctive natural features. Head for places with water that cleanses the spirit and famous views of such water.

  • Made by water

    Tour hot springs that boil from the ground, ravines created by rivers that weave among mountains and other natural products of the ample waters of Wakayama.

  • Sacred water

    Sites on Koyasan and the Kumano shrine complex were registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range." This is a tale of water rooted in these two sacred places.

  • Get close to water

    We visited the farms and shops who say, "Without pure water we would not have our harvests and products." We sought out these people who live side by side with water while feeling grateful for it as a precious thing.

  • Use water

    We introduce manufacturing in Wakayama that freely leverages the environment of natural water, including water that gushes out from mountains and ravines.

  • Play in water

    Try various challenging water activities, from sea kayaking, in which you "stroll" on the sea, to thrilling "shower climbing," or climbing up waterfalls in ravines.

  • Nurture water

    Nurture abundant water, or the mountains of the Kii Peninsula nurtured by that water. Walk at your leisure in the deep mountains or forest, or set out on a trip to experience what they have to offer.

  • The waterfalls of “Wakayama, a land of water”

    These famous waterfalls, some violent and some gentle, create a variety of beautiful scenes. Wakayama Prefecture, where many beautiful rivers flow, is a waterfall mecca.

  • A cycling kingdom where you can feel close to water

    When you continue pedaling on your bicycle while feeling the comfortable breeze from a river or the ocean, sometimes a superb view appears as a prize!
    Did you know there are many such cycling roads in Wakayama Prefecture?

  • Nanki Kumano Geopark, which was created by water and the land

    Natural sculptures made by the action of the earth overwhelm the viewer. Enjoy numerous superb views only possible in Wakayama, with its abundant pure water.


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