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Nankai/Sanada akazonae (red armor) train comes to the Nankai Koya Line! (from November 1, 2015)

For approximately 1 year from November 1, 2015, Nankai Electric Railway will operate a special train on the Nankai Koya Line that was designed after the image of Sanada Yukimura. The entire body of the Nankai/Sanada akazonae (red armor) train is decorated in red. Yukimura wore red akazonae armor, which is discernable in the battlefield. The color is said to have indicated his troop’s unity and courage because it demonstrated their elite status. Inside, the train is also decorated with the 6 coins and musubikarigane (knotted wild goose), communicating the strength and beauty of the armor.

The train runs between Namba Station (Osaka City) and Gokurakubashi Station (Koya-cho).
In addition, the station building and platform at Kudoyama Station have been renovated.

It now has a special aura unique to a site associated with Yukimura.
Kudoyama Station is also decorated to feature Sanada!

The station building and platform have been painted to evoke a tranquil feel. Noren shop curtains and curtains have been hung that are decorated with the 6 coins of Sanada.

The Kudoyama-cho circuit bus that is convenient for sightseeing has also become a Sanada akazonae (red armor) bus

There is also a Sanada akazonae (red armor) bus (Nankai Rinkan Bus). The circuit bus operates in Kudoyama Town and is a convenient way to sightsee. It will run for approximately one year from January 24, 2016 primarily on weekends and holidays. The route operates from in front of Kudoyama Station→Kudoyama Town Hall→in front of Sanada-an Hermitage→Roadside station “Kaki no Sato Kudoyama.” The fare is 100 yen for adults and 50 yen for children for each bus ride.

Contact Information

  • Nankai/Sanada Akazonae (red armor) Train: TEL: 06-6643-1005 Nankai Telephone Service Center
  • Kudoyama Town Circuit Bus: TEL: 0736-32-0779 Nankai Rinkan Bus Hashimoto Office