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It was the Sengoku (Warring States) period.

Amid battles waged by numerous Sengoku military commanders for supremacy and their lives, Sanada Masayuki (Yukimura’s father), the feudal lord of the Ueda Domain in Shinano Province, skillfully navigated among great powers to maintain the domain territory.
However, further trials were suffered in the Battle of Sekigahara that divided the country due to allying with the West army (Ishida Mitsunari). Though the lives of father and son, Masayuki and Yukimura were spared, they were confined to Koyasan. The tumultuous life of Masayuki came to an end in Kudoyama after moving from Koyasan.
Yukimura, who was determined to take up his father’s unfinished business, stayed in a thatched hut in Kudoyama, waiting for the right time to take action. That opportunity arrived 14 years after his confinement. A messenger came to Yukimura that led to his entering Osaka-jo Castle to confront Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was attempting to overthrow the Toyotomi Clan…

Yukimura was later extolled as the greatest warrior in Japan who through bravery and ingenuity struck terror in the heart of Ieyasu. Visit the sites where Yukimura lay low awaiting his chance!