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Shirasuna/Shirahama Onsen


Image: Shirasuna/Shirahama Onsen(hot springs)

This onsen (hot spring) is located next to the Shirarahama Beach. A total of 100 people can enter the large rotenburo (open-air bath) at one time, and people of both genders can bathe together while wearing swimsuits. During the ocean swimming season, Shirasuna is popular because visitors can brush the sand off their bodies and get right in the onsen. In the winter, enjoy an onsen foot bath.



Shirahama, Shirahama Town, Nishimuro District

Opening hours

10:00 - 15:00(until 19:00. from July 1 - September 15)

Closed days

Monday (closed day after holidays) *Open every day from July 1 - September 15
Contact information

Telephone number: +81-(0)739-43-1126(Shirasuna)

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Nanki Shirahama Town


By Public Transportation: From JR Shirahama Station, ride the Meiko Bus to "Shirarahama"
By Car: From the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway, take National Route 42 and Prefectural Road 33, 31, 34 towards Sandanbeki for approximately 14.3 km.

* Transportation (Shirahama Town)


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