A cycling kingdom where you can feel close to water When you continue pedaling on your bicycle
while feeling the comfortable breeze from a river or the ocean, sometimes a superb view appears as a prize! Did you know there are many such cycling roads in Wakayama Prefecture?

Wakayama Prefecture has named its recommended cycling routes (approx. 800 km) WAKAYAMA800. Wakayama Prefecture has endless routes for cyclists of various levels.

[ WAKAYAMA CYCLING MAP ]There are many roads in Wakayama where cyclists can experience beautiful, nature-filled scenery while riding. Here we present a selection of recommended courses (A, B and C).

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Enjoy river scenery from a flat, easy road A.Kino-kawa River Course〈60 km total〉

A cycling course was created along the Kino-kawa River in Wakayama Prefecture because it is flat and easy to ride on, there are few traffic signals, there is little automobile traffic and the river scenery is excellent. Between Iwade Station and Seishu-no-Sato, riders can enjoy scenery such as that of Mount Ryumonzan, which is known as the Kishu Mount Fujisan because of its resemblance to that iconic mountain.

Blue line painting in progressThe blue painted lines on roads in the prefecture indicate recommended bicycling routes. There are also road markings and signboards, so there is a safe and comfortable environment in place for bicyclists.

Stop by a popular, cyclist-friendly cafe!


Have French toast for grown-ups, made with a Dooshel (p. 30) baguette and a hint of rum, or lunch or quiche made with Kinokawa-grown vegetables. LIFE offers services that will delight cyclists, including bicycle stands and filling riders' water bottles.

455-3 Shimoisaka, Kinokawa City
11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Closed on Tue. & Wed.

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Ride alongside grand scenery created by the Pacific Ocean B.Coastal Course(Arida City - Mihamacho)〈76 km total〉

In this course you ride along the coast in the western part of Wakayama Prefecture. Examples of magnificent scenery appear one after another: the Tamura Coast, a large series of beaches along a ria-type coast; the Shiosaikaoru Enjugahama rest and relaxation park, which is known for its beautiful sunsets; and the Shirasaki Coast (p. 5), where the contrast between the chalky rocks and blue ocean is striking.

Head for the iconic scenery of Arida! C.Arida-gawa River Course〈97 km total〉

On this course along the Arida-gawa River that goes through mountain valleys, you will enjoy some comfortable cycling while listening to the rustling of the wind-blown trees and wrapped in a cool breeze that rises from the river. Must-sees include the Futagawa Dam that looks down on the mountain path, the thrilling Zao-bashi Suspension Bridge there, and the whimsical terraced paddy fields that use the fluvial terrace topography in Aragijima.

At the Zao-bashi Suspension Bridge, you can look down at the surface of the reservoir below your feet. Walking across the bridge is thrilling because it sways. Surprisingly, automobiles used to cross the bridge as well.