Sea kayaking

A sea kayaker begins rowing from scenic Suhara Coast on a calm inlet where islands are found. In ocean so clear you can see the bottom of the sea if you look, the kayaker times his strokes with the motion of the waves and sometimes fights against them. He becomes one with the water. Kayakers can also pass through caves and go snorkeling.

River Adventure ClubTEL:072-840-5644
(Suhara Seaside House/Make reservations at least 2 days before)
Hands-on Experience menu: Click here for reservations
966-1 Suhara, Yuasa Town, Arida-gun
9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Open every day (except for some irregular closures from Nov. to Mar.)
Budget: ¥6,500 for Suhara Coast sea kayaking half-day class
Time required: Approx. 3 hours

Play in water

Floating on and diving in glistening, blue ocean and perfectly clear rivers. Be at one with water through aquatic activities.

A geopark in the sea off Shirahama

Nanki Kumano is an area certified by the Japanese Geoparks Network where visitors can see various terrain and geological features. This is a snorkeling program for enjoying underwater geographical features that show the activity of the earth, as well as coral colonies and the creatures that live in them. In addition to Shirahama, Susami and Kushimoto also plan to offer such snorkeling.

NPO Nature-Experience-Study-SCTEL:073-462-3977 (Make reservations at least 2 weeks before, available to groups of three or more)
9:00 a.m.-Noon/1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
The program is held from Apr. to Nov. only
Budget: ¥11,000 (Elementary school students and inexperienced people are welcomed)
Time required: Approx. 3 hours


The experience of putting on a wetsuit and climbing up the middle of a waterfall while being hit by sheets of spray and sliding down natural slides is exhilarating. You can dive in the basin under the waterfall and otherwise experience highly transparent Kitayama-gawa River tributaries with your whole body. There are courses suitable for children as well.

Outdoor Club IcemanTEL:080-2611-5873 (Make reservations at least 2 days before, available to groups of three or more people)
398 Takehara-kashihara, Kitayama Village, Higashimuro-gun
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m./Noon-4:30 p.m.
Open May to Sep. only.
Budget: ¥8,000 for canyoning
Time required: Approx. 4 hours

Standup paddleboarding

The setting is Hamanomiya Beach, which is famous as a place for windsurfing. Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a water sport in which you paddle while standing on a board. It is surprisingly stable and men, women, boys and girls of all ages can partake. Fully enjoy the feeling of freedom and thrills.

KAZETEL:073-447-1545 (Make reservations at least 2 days before)
Hands-on Experience menu: Click here for reservations
989 Kemi, Wakayama City
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Sat., Sun. & holidays: -6:00 p.m.)
Closed on Wed.
Budget: ¥3,800 for a standup paddleboarding introductory lesson
Time required: Approx. 2 hours

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Canoeing on the Koza-gawa River

From a canoe, you can thoroughly experience the transparent current of the Koza-gawa River. Beginners can take a canoeing workshop tour accompanied by an instructor. Experienced canoeists can rent a canoe for up to eight hours and swim, catch river shrimp and freely play in the river.

Nanki Kushimoto Koza Tourism AssociationTEL:0735-72-0645 (Make reservations at least the day before.)
231-3 Nishimukai, Kushimoto Town, Higashimuro-gun (in JR Koza Station)
8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (reception, by appointment only), 4:30 p.m. (return)
Open every day *Closed on Jan. 1
Budget: Canoe rentals start at ¥2,700
The canoeing workshop tour with instructor ¥6,200
Time required: Approx. 3.5 hours

Ayu fishing experience

Even beginners can easily experience ayu fishing in the Hiki-gawa River, a clear stream blessed with the bounty of the flowing water. You can borrow a set of tools necessary for fishing and an experienced instructor will teach you. You can either bring back the ayu you caught, or enjoy charcoal grilling them with salt on the spot.

Hiki-gawa River Fisheries CooperativeTEL:0739-53-0023 (Make reservations by the day before)
13 Ago, Shirahama Town
8:00 a.m.-Noon (can be extended to 3:00 p.m. after a lunch break on request)
Held Sat. from June to Aug. (Ask for details.)
Budget: Adults ¥5,000, Children (18 years old and younger) ¥3,000
Time required: Approx. 4-7 hours

Kayak Fishing

Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the ocean and Hashigui-iwa Rock from a sea kayak. Fishing on the water in a kayak may awaken your sense of adventure even further. Row to the open sea, then float and fish for smelt-whitings and other species, and experience the unique thrill of being in a boat. You can cook your catch in a hut on the beach and eat it right there.

Hashigui Beach House LapinTEL:090-3356-8305 (Make reservation by the day before)
1597 Kujinokawa, Kushimoto Town, Higashimuro-gun
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (reception)
Open Mar. to Oct. only. Closed on Wed.
Budget: Kayak fishing ¥2,700
Time required: Approx. 3 hours

Swimming with dolphins

This is a facility on the beach in Taiji Town, where the ancient Japanese custom of whaling originated. At this facility, you can swim with dolphins. The swimming with dolphins package is the most popular. You can hold onto a dolphin's dorsal fin and swim, signal the dolphin to jump or get a kiss on the cheek. There is also a dolphin feeding option for children. The clever, adorable dolphins will give you a feeling of peace.

Dolphin ResortTEL:0735-59-3952 (same-day reservations OK)
703-15 Moriura, Taiji Town, Higashimuro-gun
Begins every other hour from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Participants must gather 30 minutes in advance.
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (reception)
Holidays: None scheduled
Budget: Entrance fee ¥200 for adults (junior high school age and older), ¥100 for children aged 4 to elementary school age, free for children aged 3 and younger.
Dolphin feeding ¥1,000
Time required: Swimming with dolphins: approx. 45 minutes, dolphin feeding: approx. 5 minutes


Snorkel in Shirahama and see colorful fish. With shallow, clear water and many coral reefs and rock stretches, Ezura Beach is a treasure trove of living things. This package comes with wet suit and snorkel rental and a lecture by an instructor, whom the group has to itself, so beginners can feel at ease.

Shizen Yugaku ForestTEL:0739-33-7386 (Make reservation by the day before)
2927-2222 Shirahama Town, Nishimuro-gun
10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. (reception)
Closed from Oct. to June
Budget: Snorkeling Starting at ¥5,500 per person (for groups of four or more). *Groups of two or more may register.
Time required: Approx. 3 hours


The beautiful ocean and many clear streams flowing from large rivers to tributaries. A diversity of creatures live in Wakayama, which is blessed with abundant water. Encounters with various creatures and many discoveries — through watching, touching and learning — await you at the unique aquariums and museums that dot Wakayama.

Experience the profound world of crustaceansSusami Crustacean Aquarium

Lobster is a local specialty of Susami. In that connection, this aquarium houses 150 species of shrimp, lobster and crab from around the world. To the extent that it specializes just in shrimp, lobster and crab, there are some rare species here. Aquarium-goers will encounter a variety of crustaceans ranging from Japanese spider crabs, which are said to be the largest living arthropods, to creatures with mysterious modes of life.

808-1 Esumi, Susami Town, Nishimuro-gun
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. *Admission until 30 minutes before closing
Open every day
Entrance fee: Adults ¥800, Elementary and junior high school students ¥500, 3 years old and older ¥300, and free for 2 years old and younger
Other: Click here for details

The living creatures of nature-filled Wakayama gathered under one roofWakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History

At this museum, you can see and learn from plants, animals and fossils related to Wakayama Prefecture, centered on creatures who live in the ocean, rivers and other bodies of water. It displays the diversity of the undersea world in an understandable way, through a large tank that re-creates the ocean of the Japan Current where rays and other fish swim, and sections specializing in creatures from certain areas, locations and intertidal zones. Personally experience the abundant natural environment of Wakayama Prefecture.

370-1 Funoo, Kainan City
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Closed on Mon. (If the day falls on a holiday, the following day will be closed instead.)
Entrance fee: Adults ¥480, free admission for persons of high school age and younger and of age 65 and older

Other: Click here for details
An educational aquarium where the characteristics of living creatures are easy to seeShirahama Aquarium, Kyoto University

At this aquarium, you can observe 500 species of marine life from the Shirahama area. Being a marine biological laboratory affiliated with Kyoto University, it has display methods that give visitors a good look at the mode of life of each creature. Invertebrates represent about half the animals, and because several types of starfish and sea cucumbers are displayed in the same tank, the characteristics of each can be seen clearly.

459 Shirahama Town, Nishimuro-gun
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Open every day
Entrance fee: Adults ¥600, Elementary and junior high school students ¥200, and free for younger children and infants

Other: Click here for details
Experience the charm of whales, whose bodies and swimming make an impressionTaiji Whale Museum

Taiji Town was a whaling town for 400 years. Visitors to the museum can not only learn some of the whale knowledge developed there, they can also interact with whales through a whale and dolphin show or by feeding them. Visitors can experience up close the dynamic modes of life of whales as large as 4 meters long, including white bottlenose dolphins and other rare species.

2934-2 Taiji, Taiji Town, Higashimuro-gun
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Open every day
Entrance fee: Adults ¥1,500, Elementary and junior high school students ¥800

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A realistic re-creation of undersea Kushimoto, where tropical fish swimKushimoto Marine Park

This marine park has an aquarium and an underwater observation tower, so visitors can enjoy the ocean off Kushimoto in its entirety. The 400 species in the aquarium — including coral and colorful fish — can be seen in the adjacent waters. With the tropical environment created by the Japan Current on the west side and a temperate zone environment on the east side, the museum displays in an understandable way the ecosystem of Kushimoto, which is inhabited by a great variety of creatures. Events such as sea turtle touching are held from time to time.

1157 Arida, Kushimoto Town, Higashimuro-gun
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. *Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Open every day
Entrance fee: Adults ¥1,800, Elementary and junior high school students ¥800, 3 years old and older ¥200, and free for 2 years old and younger

Other: Click here for details